Directory Listing Advantages

The advantage of being listed in Bizness Impressions is that our directory listings are created by our team of human editors from manual submissions.  This eliminates the redundancies caused by automated software submissions.  The major reason why directory listings are so valuable today is that they power so many other indices and portals.  It is important to make directory listings a part of your search engine optimisation plan.

Directories are also important because they get major traffic.  Ninety percent of web surfers use search engines and portals to find websites.

One thing to remember when listing in directories is do not try to spam Google, Yahoo, or any other directory because sooner or later, you will run into strong resistance.

Your best strategy is to include a short and accurate meta-description on each page, and submit that to the directory as your description.  The description should be clear and concise, honest, objective, and descriptive.  If you submit a description that reads like a leader ad, editors won’t use it, and they may end up writing their own.

Another key is to make sure you submit to the most suitable or appropriate category.  Take time to browse and check that you really understand the category structure in the directory.  Make sure you find the best category section in which you want your business to appear - otherwise your search will not be optimised.

It is a good idea to search all the keywords in Bizness Impressions that describe your business to find the categories where other sites similar to yours are listed, then consider submitting your site in these categories.  For instance, if you offer retail, perform a search for the term 'retail'.  As you search in our directory, you will eventually find web pages similar to your retail site.  Take note of the categories and submit your site in the specific categories you’ve determined to be consistent and appropriate to your business.