Effective Use

Three Ways to Make Effective Use of our Online Business Directory

Bizness Impressions is the modern day equivalent of the more traditional printed listings or phone books and as such, it is designed to provide detailed, categorised listings that can help to link end users to trusted businesses in the fields for which they are searching.

For businesses, this can mean increased, targeted traffic – and for individuals looking for a particular service or product, our directory is a great way to find the best businesses.

When promoting your brand, few tools can offer as much value as an online business directory.  With so many options available, how can you be sure that your listings will bring any real benefits to your business?

Tip 1   Examine the quality of the web pages that appear in our directory and the web sites to which they may be linked.

Directory listings should reflect your business favourably.  It is not helpful to use a resource with low-quality links - these could be out-of-date, inaccurate or untrustworthy enough to be considered as ‘spam′.

Users will quickly identify and ignore poor-grade directories and listings, meaning that your efforts to get listed will be wasted when you use low-end resources.

The most prestigious, trustworthy directories will typically be 100% human-edited and moderated by a dedicated team to ensure that each website listed is of a high standard.

Tip 2   Think about what path you will choose on the journey to increased exposure

It is important to consider the level of listings on offer, so that you get maximum exposure – typically, these comprise three levels:

Reciprocal   The best directories will give you a link, if you link back to them.

Paid   These are one-way listings which typically come with a regular fee.  Adding a reciprocal link would strengthen your search.

Premium   A Premium listing can give you a priority position in the listings of your selected category. 

Tip 3  Ensure your links lead to relevant, valuable content.

Do not alienate potential customers by misleading them.

Increasing traffic to your website is important.  Ensure visitors are engaged long enough to view the quality content on your webpage.   

Having high-quality links and content can often prove to make the difference between improved traffic and improved business.