Why Video

Current research has shown that websites with video content are over 50 times more likely to be placed higher on the Google search ranking than websites being searched for only on their text content.

Video doubles the average time a visitor stays on pages compared to pages that do not have video.  Google has incorporated this into its search algorithm.  Our content is more likely to move up the search results, and will have more staying power than overwhelming hidden text, in an attempt to gain high search rankings.

Uniquely positioned to build relationships with your target audience, video is the best form of communication possible without actually talking to someone in person.

When you increase exposure and engagement, Google calculates that, and creates a positive feedback loop.  The audience validates your content and this increases your authorship rank.  That is why video gets the best results.  No other type of content can engage at that high level.

Video Is The Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Bizness Impressions incorporates video which is the most powerful digital marketing tool.  It is more persuasive, with better results from search engines.

Video caters to the brain’s visual and auditory systems, picking up on cues like body language, facial expressions, imagery and music.  This elicits an emotional bond that will influence a person’s choices and actions.  No technology is better at conveying emotion than video.

Studies show that over 80% of all consumers are more likely to buy a product from you after watching a video about your business, compared to those who do not.

Video Builds Trust & Credibility Effectively

Seeing a person connects us on a human level - the basis on which we build trust.  Video enables you to be in sync with your viewers, allowing you to reinforce your message with intonation, eye contact, and phrasing that clarifies your intention.  They can see you, share your emotions and develop a relationship with you.

Search Engines Love Video Content

Nothing boosts engagement like video for search engine optimisation.  Search engines are looking for parameters that content is engaging to determine if it is worth a high ranking.

Video pages send strong “Indicators of Relevance” to search engines, like Google, which boosts the search rank of content.   Some of those tangible benefits for SEO include:

  • Doubled Time-On-Page
  • 3x More Natural Inbound Links
  • 200-300% More Unique Monthly Site Visits
  • Over 40% Higher Click-Through Rates From Search

Content Is King

When you search on Google, you are seeking credible information and a positive result.  The best way to do this is to provide high quality information about your business.  This strategy is most often referred to as 'Content Marketing', and is quickly taking over search results pages because it ensures you are relevant to your target audience.

Content types including images, info-graphics, videos, articles, etc.  Video is the type of content that gets the best search results.

Increase Your Searchable Footprint

The advantage of video content is it can dramatically increase your visibility on the world's largest search engines (examples are Google, Bing and Yahoo). 

Video Vastly Improves Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing together with video, remains one of the most effective marketing tactics available.  Marketers consistently rank email as having a higher return on investment than any other marketing strategy, followed closely by SEO.

What if you could double or triple the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts?

That is what video does - it increases email click-through rates by 200-300%, ensuring that your email campaigns get the highest ‘Return On Investment’ possible.

When quality content gets lots of engagement using Google, it boosts the relevance of your content in search results based on audience validation.

In the past, marketers could manipulate search results. Today you have to actually earn your search rank through indicators of relevance, such as time on page, shares, likes, etc.

To ensure your content is engaging and ultimately perceived as relevant, it comes back to supply and demand.  You supply what searchers are demanding, and you will always be more successful with your Google search strategy.

How Video Helps You Own the Area In Your Industry

Audiences follow video content.  Video increases exposure and helps you engage with your audience.  Are you embarking on new territory or working towards better business results?  Are you ready to be the leader and own the area for business in your industry?   If so, video is one of the best places to start!