Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

A large percentage of the world is using the internet for a variety of things nowadays.  Because of this, a large number of directories have been created in an effort to generate revenue and localisation for websites to be categorised into easily searchable databases that list different websites.

Search engines have made use of directories making it easy to find websites.  Directories are indexed by the search engine and then segmented into different sectors in an effort to make it easier for the search engine, providing quick results.

Directories can aid in the popularity of a business by increasing online exposure when it is listed in a directory.  Website link popularity has been a proven tactic for gaining higher rankings in the search engine results pages.  Directories are most advantageous when the directory has a high reputation and is considered an authority site by a search engine.

Submissions to online directories can help generate a high value of back links in the search engines link networks. When listing a website in a business directory, a specific category can deem the link submission relevant when placed into the correct category within the directory.  Relevancy of a link no matter where it is, has been proven to be a significant factor in determining a ranking for a website. It boils down to the more relevant your link the more significant it is to the search engines.

Quality Directory

If you have a website, make sure your back links are to a reputable directory of the highest quality. This will definitely help your website, since all the links that are established through these directory submissions will improve your website rankings if the directory is of reputable value and quality.

If your business has a website, it should be submitted into the most acceptable category in the online directory. This will increase the chances that online users will find your website within the directory under the correct category.  A correct directory listing can dramatically increase the chances that an online user will visit your web page and website, and use the service that you offer or purchase the products that you sell.  A directory submission is a highly effective strategy for the majority of businesses with websites online who are trying to get an edge on the competition.

Consider this as food for thought, directory submissions are result oriented and a very cost-effective way of expanding a website’s link network and popularity.  If you are driven to make your business highly effective in order to stay ahead of tough competition, the inclusion of our directory submission services will be a cost-effective SEO strategy that can bring an added value to your investment.  The online directory we provide is of the highest quality - high quality links to dynamic reliable websites.  All submissions are done manually, to ensure the submissions are approved with no complications during the process.

Manual directory submissions

Directory submissions entered manually eliminate being red flagged by the search engines.  Search engines frown upon automated software when doing submissions of any sort.  All submissions no matter what the service is, need to look natural and organic to the search engines.  If you are being offered submission services and these are not done manually, it will look non-organic to the search engines which in turn will cause problems and downgrade your search results.